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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A day in the the life of a one year old....

When you're one, things are pretty exciting.  First, you need to wake everybody up by hollering "Uh-Oh!" or "HI" from your crib as loud as you can.  If you do this loud enough and long enough, someone will come get you, and change your diaper.  Then, you get to crawl around a little bit while mommy gets your breakfast ready.  If you're quick, you can get to the dog food and dog water and mess around with those for a little bit before someone realizes they are still on the floor and not put up on the counter for the day.  After eating something really awesome like Honey Nut Cheerios and a banana, it's play time!
Sometimes "playtime" includes having your face squeezed by your older sister.  This is okay.  At least you're getting some attention.  Sometimes the big sister is even really sweet to you!
When you're one, you're going to get picked up a lot.  Mostly it's because you are trying to crawl up some stairs or out the back door.....but a lot of the time it's just to get loved on.
Because when you're this juicy and adorable, the big people can't help but squeeze you!  In the midst of play time and getting loved on, you might want to mix in some standing around looking adorable.  The big people love this trick, too.
They also love it when you use a bandanna to hide behind, and play "peek-a-boo".  This is a pretty simple trick, but the big people lose control of themselves when you do it.  They really think this is cute!
If you really, REALLY want to drive the big people nuts, say some words for them.  They can't hardly contain themselves!!  It's easy; just say some stuff like "Dada", "Mama", "HI", "Tah-too" (which means "Thank you") and "Thithy".  (Sissy)  People will think you are brilliant!!  
After all this acting cute, you're going to be really tired.  If your mommy is lucky, you'll lay down twice in one day; in the morning and again in the afternoon.  Throughout the day, you'll get to try a bunch of interesting new foods, but it will all look the same because Mommy cuts it all into tiny squares.  After your nap, you will probably want to mix in some hijinks, just to keep Mommy on her toes.  Some days, this might include destroying the TV cabinet and throwing all the DVDs on the floor.
Working this hard is EXHAUSTING.  By six you are going to be ready to eat some more tiny cut up foods...and have another bottle of milk.  At seven-ish, you're ready for a bath; either in the sink alone (safety!) or in the tub with Sissy, which is a little more treacherous.  The bath with Sissy might involve splashing, and having washcloths thrown over your face, but in the end it is so much fun you won't mind.  By eight, you are wiped out.  The big people will put you in some softie jammies and love on you some more, and then you finally get to go to bed. relax yourself, you might want to suck on a pacifier and listen to some relaxing tunes on your rainforest soother....that thing is magical!  If everyone in the house is lucky, you'll sleep happily for 12 hours of blissful silence.  After all, you need a ton of sleep so that you get get started again the next morning....being one is hard work!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Popee's Birthday

On Friday we had a surprise party at our house for Popee's 60th was so much fun!  Lots of friends and family came, and the twins were excited about it being a surprise.  I asked Hayden what she was going to say when Popee got to the party and she said "Surprise Popee.  It's your party!"  (which she did)  He said he was surprised, which is surprising in itself since my mom and I aren't very good liars and kept having to come up with weird excuses why we had to be somewhere.
The food was delicious, and my kids were especially excited by eating ice cream out of a cone.  This was an all new event for us, and it took a little getting used to.  They happily took their cones outside to eat them, and then came back inside about ten minutes later with soggy, empty cones and wanted me to refill them.....they didn't quite get that you could actually eat the cone.  Once they had it figured out, there was no stopping them.  Hayden ate her cone and then took mine and ate mine.  She asked for another one, and when she got a "No" from me, went off in search of someone that she could make get her another one.  (I'm not sure if that ever worked out for her or not....knowing her, it did.)
The party was a big success!  It was pretty cool outside, so our guests enjoying dining al fresco :)
The only problem is that we still have about twenty delicious, giant cupcakes here and they are taunting me!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Random unrelated thoughts....

My brain is a mess....I've got too much going on, and not enough time or energy to do it all!  Right now,
-I need to keep editing photos....four shoots in all that need to get worked on.
-I need to sew stuffed birds for Kelly's mobile.
-I need to monogram Livi's shirt for her birthday....I found her a really cute pink and black tutu, and last night I made her a bow to, all she needs is the shirt.  (Sidenote:  I have discovered the secret to perfect hairbows!  I will share if you are interested....but I'm not going into that whole thing unless someone actually wants to hear it. :)
-I have about four other sewing orders to get done....WHEN????  When am I going to find time?
-There is dog hair on my rug.  The rug that my baby crawls on.
-Livi stood alone by herself for about thirty whole seconds this morning!!
-Cale is still in bed.
-I am struggling with the guilt of parenting...I want to take the twins to art time or gymnastics, but I have neither the patience of Mother Teresa, or the energy of Michelle Duggar.  How do people manage in busy public places with three tiny kids?  And don't even mention the Bjorn.  I would snap in half if I tried to stuff Livi in that thing.
-I tried Honey Nut Cheerios for the first time in my life this morning, and they are delicious!
-I really need a shower.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The birthday that has snuck up on me....

I can hardly believe Livi will be a YEAR old at the end of this month.  In just a few short weeks, it will have been twelve months that she has been on this planet.....which is unfathomable to me.  A year ago right now I was uncomfortable, sweaty, and hoping my doctor would say I could deliver earlier.  The hottest summer on record is not the best time to be carrying extra poundage, friends!
To celebrate the tiny one's birthday, I have learned to scale back on the first year's party and save the fireworks (literally) for year two or three when they actually understand what is going on.  This time we are just having family over for pizza, and keeping it low key as possible.  (Although I will probably not be able to contain myself, and something hand made will probably be frantically assembled at 12:45 the night before her little shindig)
As I worked on designing her little invite (I had to send SOMETHING so she would have an "invitation" for her baby book!)  I found this letter in my documents folder.  I wrote this when she was just weeks old for her baby I read it, I miss those days of baby tininess, and wonder how I will feel if I really, REALLY make myself confront the fact that that was probably my last go round at caring for an infant.

Dear Livi,
As I sit down to write you a letter for your baby book, I am filled with so many ideas, words and phrases I want to use.  There is so much I hope and pray for you, and you are only a tiny little 12 week old human.  There is no way to smash all of my hopes for you onto one little page....
you are our third baby, but sometimes when I hold you and look at you I am so filled with wonder and awe that I can hardly believe I have done this twice before!  You are so much like your brother and sister, but in the same way you are COMPLETELY your own little miraculous self.  Even as I write this, you are sitting on my lap, squirming and smiling up at me, crinkling your beautiful blue eyes.  I want so many things for you in this life....I pray that you love and follow God.  I want you to be kind and loving to others.  I hope you are fun loving, and filled with a sense of adventure and wonder, always having a sense of humor about things.  I pray you look out for the underdog, and have enough confidence to march to the beat of your own drum.  I already know you'll be look at me with wise little eyes when I speak to you, and you try so hard to say something to me.  One day, I hope you'll say everything to me....I hope you will feel like you can tell me anything, and that you never fear for what I will say or think, but understand that I will love you unconditionally and there is nothing you could ever say or do to change that!  Some day I hope you will even call me friend.  I pray you will always be a friend to others, try your hardest, never give up, trust in yourself. I hope you understand how much you were loved and wanted, and that you have a family someday that you will love as much as I love mine.   You are just a tiny little thing now, all belly and soft skin and peach fuzz head....but you are already the whole world to me!.  It is amazing how much magic you have brought to this  that already felt pretty magical before you got here.  What did we do before you?  I can hardly remember.  You are our precious miracle and I will love you forever and ever.  
Love, Mommy

Livi is so full of life and smiles.....and she makes me laugh all the time!  Last week, she learned how to say "Sissy"....she can walk holding onto two hands, and today we tried only one hand but she didn't like that and kept grabbing for my skirt.  Walking alone is still probably awhile away!  If you ask her "Where's Mommy?" or any other member of our family, she looks at the right person.  She is right in the middle of the "putting-everything-I-find-on-the-floor-into-my-mouth" phase, which makes for a busy mommy!  She has started eating more and more little pieces of cut up food, and she seems to like almost everything we've given her.  When she's had enough to eat, she smashes her eyes shut, shakes her head no, and waves her arm in front of her face (I guess just so that we're REALLY sure she's done!)  She rubs her eyes or plays with her ears when she is tired, and loves her naps.  She is still in the infant carrier and her legs almost hang over the edge, but only because her parents haven't done the old switcharoo on the carseats yet.  If you ask her to make a "stinky face" or blink at you she will, and she knows she's being funny, too-because when we laugh she smiles so big and looks so satisfied, as if she's thinking "That's right; LAUGH.  I'm funny, people!"  If this has to be my last baby, then I'd say I ended with a good one....she is perfect, and we are so lucky to have her!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth of July hijinks....

We had a big weekend.  Saturday morning we were up bright and early to walk in a neighborhood parade....the babies loved waving their little flags and seeing all the other kids and doggies.  My favorite part was the little old man in his front yard playing "The Saints go Marching In" on his trombone.  Their favorite part were the snacks and juice at the end.  Later that afternoon we headed out to Livi LOVES the water as much as her sister (who stayed in the pool for about five straight hours)
Sunday we headed to Lake LBJ in the morning for a day at the lake.....we rode on the boat, got in the water, and sat around and did nothing.  Going to the lake with three small children is definitely more work than it was when we were all in college....but it's so much more fun!  Kelly and I ran to pick up dinner, and from the drive through at the restaurant we could see the back of the lake house, where I watched my husband climb on to the top of the boat house and jump off....he thought he was being sneaky and saving his antics for when I was gone, but little did he know I could see him!  We planned to leave for home early Monday morning, but didn't leave the lake until five in the evening....we were having too much fun to go!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


As I approach 300 posts on this little blog....I am start to wonder a few things.
1.  At what point am I going to start sounding like an old guy living in a nursing home telling the same stories over and over again?  If I do, will someone please tell me??  I want you to, just like I would want you to tell me I had applesauce all over my face if we lived in that same nursing home together.
2.  That's a LOT of documentation for my kids to read later.  I get a big F in scrapbooking, but this has to count for something.
3.  I can't believe how many people are reading this thing!  I just started a hit counter awhile ago, and it's nearing 4000...that means I:
     a.  Have a lot of friends.  Yippee!  or
     b.  My dad checks in to this blog 24 times a day during his world travels.  (Hi Daddy!)
     c.  People think my life sounds like a lot of work and like to read this blog to make their own seem relaxing in comparison.
4.  Will I keep doing this when it feels like work?  It hasn't yet....sitting down to jot a quick blog and attach some pics has been easy so far, and fun.....I'm hoping it stays this way because I really, REALLY don't want to have to scrapbook again.
5.  Will there be a point where my kids don't want to be blogged about?  If they don't, of course-it's shut down time.  But hopefully they see this for what it is.....documentation of their little lives, written by someone who thinks they hang the moon....I never mean to embarrass them or make them wish I wasn't doing this.  (Okay, so the picture of Bub sitting on the toilet last year might have to come down.)
All this blogging means I have two more whole books to design and have bound....I am pretty proud of myself considering that throughout my life "journaling" meant buying a cute spiral and making one entry.  The pictures are added just because they crack me kids love playing with the "Photo Booth" application on my mac, and it makes them laugh so hard to see crazy pictures of themselves.....and to those of you who think I am crafty and get a lot done, please reference the background of these pictures.....holy laundry pile!