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Monday, August 12, 2013

A Summer in Pictures: 2013

We have one trip left lined up for the summer, but looking at my calendar, I'm reminded that this magical time is quickly ending.  We've had a long, fun summer and I'm sad to see it go.  Gone are the days of sleeping in, laying around lazily, getting in the pool three times a day, and doing whatever we want.  We've filled these days with zoo trips, beach trips, snow cones, floating the river, late nights, fireworks, s'mores, time with friends, and playing outside.  I know there won't be many summers in our future that are this relaxed, and this much "ours".  My big babies start kindergarten in two weeks, and I know the summers in our future will include commitments and camps, sleepovers and trips away from mommy.....sigh.  I know I can't hold it off for too long....but I'm going to fight to keep them mine, to keep them little for as long as possible.