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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I haven't updated in quite a while, so in the spirit of efficiency, (and because I love lists), here is an "update list" for you:
-babies still hate Santa.  Maybe it is because it is the same drunk Santa from last year with wine stained teeth.  I am a little scared of him, too, and don't want to sit on his lap so I can't blame them.
-Hayden calls herself "Hayben" and Cale says "Thissy" (Sissy) and thinks it applies to either her or him.
-Cale says "op own" when we get to steps.  I finally figured out he is saying "hop down", which I guess I say a lot.
-Both babies say "Amen!" when Shawn finishes their prayer at night.
-They both make hilarious noises when they see Christmas lights.  It is a combination of "oooohhhh" and "wow" and makes me think I must sound like a hundred year old lady when I am looking at lights.
-The last few days in the mornings, Hayden says to me, "Moka, all gone".  ONE DAY we were out of milk and I told the poor thing it was "all gone" and she can't let me forget it.  
-Last week, I was talking to the babies, saying "Guess who's coming over for dinner?  Mimi and.....Mimi and...."  I'm thinking they are going to answer back "Popo" because you can't ever say "Mimi" without hearing "Popo" right afterward (like IkeandTina Turner)  Hayden finally looked at me and said "Elmo?"  Sure baby, Mimi and Elmo are coming over for dinner.
-I finally have the craft room I've always wanted.  I promise to post pics as soon as it's looking a little more organized.  It is the BEST thing for someone trying to do a little business in their own was getting really old having embroidery projects laying all over couches.
-My brother is getting married April 4th.  Yippee!!!  Her name is Holly, and she is beautiful, smart, lots of fun, and loves my babies which is good enough for me! :)
I am realizing that there is probably too much going on to actually post an efficient update....i guess i just need to do better at keeping on top of it.  For now, I'm off to bed, to enjoy for a while the cable that is finally installed. We lived for a two week period without it, and that felt like it lasted as long as junior high.  I am NOT one of those people who says I don't watch any TV.  (Mostly I don't believe those people anyway.  Either they don't have cable or they are saying it to sound more cerebral.)  Anyway, off topic!  Off to bed for now, with better updates to come (I promise!)