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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Red, White and New

This year we celebrated our first July 4 in our new hood.  It was SO fun!  We loved our old neighborhood, but the median age there was about 85.  This neighborhood is chock full of little kids.  The morning started off with a parade/party at the circle.  My kids were too little to bring bikes/scooters, lest they get run off the road by a burly 12 year old.  They were pretty bummed about this, but next year I'm thinking they'll be all over it.  We ate breakfast tacos, and the kiddos played with squirt guns while everyone visited.

We tried to walk in the neighborhood parade, but that lasted all of two streets before everyone started complaining about being hot, sweaty and tired.  (Me included)  The kids couldn't concentrate on the parade because they were fixated on the iced sugar cookies they had seen back at the circle.  Daddy had to go get the car while we sat on a street corner.  We drove back to the circle to collect aforementioned cookies, which no one ate.  Sigh.

Later in the day, some of our friends and family came over to swim and eat.  Shawn and I love fried chicken, but know how horrible it is for us, so we decided that July 4 is going to be our annual "Eat Fried Chicken Day".  We're going to limit it to once a year, so that when July 4 rolls around, we'll be really excited about that chicken.

The littles had the best time in the pool.  The daddies spent their time throwing people (too high for this mommy) all over the pool, which the kiddos loved.  At one point there were waves in the pool about three feet looked like the middle of the ocean.  Hopefully we've started a little tradition for the fourth....