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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Livi's bedroom....she finally gets one!

I have long had a sense of "room confusion" at our house.  Let me explain.  Our house is technically a four bedroom home.  When we first moved back in after the remodel, we had two guest rooms, our master, and the twins in the same room.  Two guest rooms?  Really??  Like anyone wants to spend the night with people that have twin babies.  Anyway, I had nothing else to do with those rooms, so they were "guest" rooms.  Then we found out we were expecting again.  (surprise!)  We decided that whatever sex the baby was, it would bunk with the same sex sibling.  We found out we were having a girl, and so the crib went in Hayden's room, leaving Bub his own room (lucky duck).   We made the last room a playroom, which I LOVED.  Fast forward a few months....Hayden literally begged us to get the baby out of her room.  Going to sleep was no problem...the baby laid down before her, so as long as she got in bed quietly, that part was okay.  The a.m., not so fun for our big girl.  By the time Livi was talking, Hayden was treated to "Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi." at five a.m.  Being the sympathetic parents we are, we moved Livi's crib into the playroom, and I have been annoyed ever since.  What IS that room now, anyway?  Bedroom, playroom, dumping ground?  I can't take it anymore.  Using these adorable pics as inspiration, I am on my way to turning it into Livi's very own room.
I'm not sure EXACTLY what I'm doing to the room, but I know this much:  She's getting the amazing black and white chevron rug.  Her bedding will be all white, with aqua and persimmon as the accent colors.  I think I'll do white curtains with her monogram in black, and I'm DEFINITELY doing the paper lantern/puff ball thing above the bed, as well as the frame/shadowbox/mirror collage.   I am stuck on the wall color...white?  I am loving the idea of all white walls lately, and I'm SO over the beige walls with white trim thing I did when we remodeled.  I love the aqua walls in the second picture, but I am redoing the TV armoire and side tables in that color, so the walls can't be aqua too.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fourth of July....

Our fourth of July holiday was pretty laid back....we started the morning off with the Schertz Parade.  My parent's church had a float in the parade, so we decorated our wagon, and planned to walk with them.  When we showed up, I realized this parade was the real deal...floats, horses, fire trucks, etc.  I had pictured something much smaller, but seeing it in action made me realize the baby probably wasn't going to make she and I loaded up in the car, and went to park it along the parade route to watch the festivities roll by.  Daddy, Mimi and the twins decided to walk the parade.....

Popee drove his corvette in the parade, and Livi and I hollered at him as he drove by.  He came to find us, and watched the rest of the parade with us.  Apparently, the twins did well in the wagon...especially after their Daddy diverted from the parade route and ran into a donut shop to get them donuts!!
After the parade, we headed to Mimi and Pope's to swim....

We ate outside, and the babies wore themselves OUT.  That might be the BEST thing about Mimi and Pope's new pool.  We were sad not to have a fireworks show to watch, but enjoyed our day anyway.