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Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Swimmin'....

Since this house has a pool, I was serious about these tiny ones becoming competent swimmers, and FAST.  The twins were already pretty great, but Liv...not so much.  We signed up for swim lessons at the Alamo Heights Pool (which I highly recommend!!) and they loved it!!

Hayden and Cale were in separate classes, and since they divide them by skill level, I had to determine who was doing better at first.  It didn't take long to figure out Sis was in the higher skill group, because my son, (who is a great swimmer, mind you) refused to swim without holding his nose!!  This is sort of my fault, because I'd been letting him swim at home with a mask that covered his nose, and he wasn't used to blowing air out while he swam.  Sissy, on the other hand, happened to have goggles instead of a mask, so she was ahead of him in that aspect.  He got so much better by the end of the two weeks, but then his "non-nose goggles" broke and he's using the old mask.  (Bad mommy)  The big ones got SO MUCH better during the session, and have been blowing us away with their swimming at home.  They can retrieve anything off the bottom of our pool, will jump in from crazy heights, and are now getting into racing each other, which is hilarious because you can totally see that they will be competitive like Shawn and I.  The baby went from using floaties to SWIMMING alone.  This was fabulous, except for the fact that after lessons, she thought she was a big deal and refused to ever wear floaties again, meaning Mommy had to get in EVERY time they got in.  No more reading poolside for me.  She has gotten so much better since lessons were over too.  She is a daredevil, and will swim across the whole pool alone, or imitate her brother and sister jumping off the side.  She cracks us up, because she thinks she can do cannonball, jacknife and "pencil" but all three tricks are identical.
We have loved watching them become swimmers....I know they are WAY ahead of either their Daddy or I at that age.  So fun!