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Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Poo Poo Potty"

Don't get too excited.  We are NOT potty training.  We just like to sit on the pot.  I don't know when this started, but both babies love the toilet.  They like to say "poo poo potty" and want you to go through the whole rigamarole of taking their clothes off, taking their diaper off, and perching their tiny little hineys on the potty, just to sit there for four seconds and ask to get down. For good measure, Sissy grunts a little, too...just so you think she's really going to perform.  I thought all this interest meant they might start trying to go on the potty, so we bought a cute football potty seat that fits over the regular potty.  (I ain't trying to get one of those potties where you have to dump the contents out when they're done)  They like to carry the potty seat around, and talk about it, but so far no one has actually gone in the potty.  I'm not sure how to explain to them how it for now, we're just testing out the throne. 

Friday, January 9, 2009

Holly and Andrew

A few days after Christmas (in the midst of HORRIBLE morning sickness) I took some pics of Holly and Andrew.....they were great sports, and let me try out all sorts of things in my quest to become a semi-proficient hobby photographer...We had a really good time!  

I know, I know...things have been a little slow on the blogfront.  But wait!  (like an infomercial)  I have a good excuse!!  For those of who that don't know, we are excited to announce that Hatter baby number three will be arriving in late July (most likely).  We are excited, and a little worried that our tentative sense of normalcy and control is about to go right out the window.  Oh well!  Anyway, the reason for the poor blogging is that the fetus is making me SICK as a dog.  As in, more sick than I was with the babies.  As in: so sick I was SURE it was more than one again.  As in: so sick I am taking Zofran, the drug they give chemo patients for nausea.  Today is a good day, I blog!  
Christmas was so much fun for the babies....they TOTALLY understood the point of presents, and kept handing us wrapped gifts and telling us to "Open, open!"  They got lots of fun Elmo stuff (our favorite), two rocking horseys, a kitchen, and lots of other fun stuff.  Shawn and I (er, "Santa") hardly got them anything at all, because we knew they would be inundated by all the other family members....and we were right!  All the excitement makes me look forward even more to next year, when they will begin to understand all the pretend and magic of Christmas.  They are already amazing me everyday with how big they are.....they are putting two words together all over the place, and talking up a storm.  I love that we can ask them about something that happened earlier in the day, and they can talk about it later.  Yesterday I took them to the church nursery because I had MOPS, and later I was asking them what they did in their classroom.  Cale told me "balls" because he loves the big plastic swimming pool filled with balls....Sissy said "Slide" because they have a little fisher price slide in the room.  Amazing!  We actually had a little tiny conversation! I can't believe how old they seem sometimes...yesterday we actually walked in to the church, instead of using a stroller.  I am torn between wanting them to be "old enough" when the new baby gets here, and wanting to cling on desperately to these last few months of babyhood.....I told Shawn last night that he better enjoy it while it lasts, because they aren't going to seem like babies to us in a few months.....