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Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas season ALREADY???????

So much has changed in the last few weeks...the babies are big, but not at the top of the charts anymore. At their six month check up, they were both pretty average in weight, but at the higher end of the scale in length. Apparently, these measurements have virtually no bearing on how big/tall they will be as adults, so who cares? I am more interested in how brilliant they are! I am positively certain I am the parent of two future rocket scientists, nuclear physicists, or at the very least two kids who will continually be placed in the "blue bird" reading group! They are so observant and surprise me every day with the connections they make. Cale wakes up before the rest of us (usually) so I reach for anything on the bedside table to hand him to keep him entertained until we all wake up. One morning, he played with the ceiling fan remote for about thirty minutes; staring at the ceiling as he turned the fan and lights on and off. This morning, I handed him the remote for the T.V., and he was pushing the buttons and staring at the fan, wondering why he couldn't get it on and off this time! How about that? I think that is pretty smart for a six month old!!! Hayden is copying sounds we make, and we are borderline positive she is saying "Dada". (which goes to figure!) With all the new things they have learned, we have noticed one new thing we aren't so excited about....stranger anxiety! I knew it was going to happen, but I hate that it has! I love that the babies are comforted by me, but I am embarassed when they scream in the faces of well intentioned strangers. (They do this much more frequently to old ladies. I think they are "ageists".) I have had to leave bible study because Cale was laying on the floor clutching a toy, SCREAMING at the top of his lungs at anyone who tried to hold him, feed him, look at him, talk to him, etc. Hayden has had a virtual anxiety attack several times when there are lots of people around, especially if they are laughing and talking loud. (This is MY child??) We have learned how to avoid the situations a little bit, but I am looking forward to getting through this phase.
Our house is all decorated for Christmas, which the babies love. We have the lights on the tree set to "flashing" which is a little eighties for me, but seems to entertain the babies too much to change it. My husband, who is an amazing sport, spent the last week crawling up and down the ladder to the attic, getting out all the decorations and following lots and lots of directions. He even helped do a little decorating, too, with little to no complaining. This year, because of the babies, I am so excited about Christmas! I know they are too little to enjoy or understand, but it just seems more significant somehow!
I have been working my tail off, in addition to the decorating, cleaning, general daily parenting. I have started doing a little work at my old elementary school, helping out my principal with a variety of stuff she needs done. So far, I have only gone once, but I am scheduled to go again this week. I really enjoyed being with my friends at work again, but seven hours felt SO long to be away from the babies! It made me even more grateful that I have a husband who wants me to stay home with them, and who works so hard for us to make it possible!
In addition, I purchased a new embroidery machine with my mom, and we are starting a little at home business. So far, we have had lots of orders....with Christmas coming up, we hope to get some more to help defray the cost of this fantasmagorically expensive machine!!
I am so, so, so excited about dear friend Kelly is being induced and I get to watch baby Logan being born!! I am honored she even wants me in the room, and glad I will get to see how most people have babies....since I will never do it that way! Lots of love and prayers to Kelly and Ronny that tomorrow is a wonderful, happy, easy day! Can't wait!!!
With Thanksgiving behind us, I have spent a little time thinking about all the things I am grateful for. Of course, I am hugely grateful for all the big amazing family, healthy babies, wonderful friends....but also on a daily basis I am reminded of the tiny little things I have to be grateful for....Hayden crinkling her nose up when she smiles, and bouncing up and down when we hum the tune to "Sanford and Son". Cale screaming with glee when he sees his daddy walk in the door at the end of the day, and every time he smiles big at me and I can see his two tiny little teeth! Carrying warm sleepy babies to bed at night, hearing them in their cribs in the morning, having them pat my face and "talk" to me...the list goes on and on!!! I know I have always had lots to be grateful for, but this year I have so, SO much more!!!