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Monday, July 26, 2010

Popee's Birthday

On Friday we had a surprise party at our house for Popee's 60th was so much fun!  Lots of friends and family came, and the twins were excited about it being a surprise.  I asked Hayden what she was going to say when Popee got to the party and she said "Surprise Popee.  It's your party!"  (which she did)  He said he was surprised, which is surprising in itself since my mom and I aren't very good liars and kept having to come up with weird excuses why we had to be somewhere.
The food was delicious, and my kids were especially excited by eating ice cream out of a cone.  This was an all new event for us, and it took a little getting used to.  They happily took their cones outside to eat them, and then came back inside about ten minutes later with soggy, empty cones and wanted me to refill them.....they didn't quite get that you could actually eat the cone.  Once they had it figured out, there was no stopping them.  Hayden ate her cone and then took mine and ate mine.  She asked for another one, and when she got a "No" from me, went off in search of someone that she could make get her another one.  (I'm not sure if that ever worked out for her or not....knowing her, it did.)
The party was a big success!  It was pretty cool outside, so our guests enjoying dining al fresco :)
The only problem is that we still have about twenty delicious, giant cupcakes here and they are taunting me!