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Monday, July 19, 2010

Random unrelated thoughts....

My brain is a mess....I've got too much going on, and not enough time or energy to do it all!  Right now,
-I need to keep editing photos....four shoots in all that need to get worked on.
-I need to sew stuffed birds for Kelly's mobile.
-I need to monogram Livi's shirt for her birthday....I found her a really cute pink and black tutu, and last night I made her a bow to, all she needs is the shirt.  (Sidenote:  I have discovered the secret to perfect hairbows!  I will share if you are interested....but I'm not going into that whole thing unless someone actually wants to hear it. :)
-I have about four other sewing orders to get done....WHEN????  When am I going to find time?
-There is dog hair on my rug.  The rug that my baby crawls on.
-Livi stood alone by herself for about thirty whole seconds this morning!!
-Cale is still in bed.
-I am struggling with the guilt of parenting...I want to take the twins to art time or gymnastics, but I have neither the patience of Mother Teresa, or the energy of Michelle Duggar.  How do people manage in busy public places with three tiny kids?  And don't even mention the Bjorn.  I would snap in half if I tried to stuff Livi in that thing.
-I tried Honey Nut Cheerios for the first time in my life this morning, and they are delicious!
-I really need a shower.


Dana said...

Michelle Duggar also has a jillion older girls to take care of her youngsters. That's one thing they did right--have kids to take care of the other kids. And I love honey nut cheerios! They taste so much better than the regular cheerios. I enjoy reading your posts! They are comical, yet true!