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Monday, June 29, 2009

Livi's room

Last week was the big switch-a-roo into the big kid beds, and it couldn't have gone better!!  We literally just laid them down in the big beds one night to "see how it went", told them not to get out, and closed the door.  It was that easy!  No more cribs for my babies, which is a little is nice to have overcome this hurdle so easily, but sad that they are one day closer to being big...Hayden calls it her "big crib".  For now, we are super lucky because they haven't figured out how to get out by themselves.  They could absolutely do it if they tried, but I keep telling them they need a helper so for now I am safe.  I guess that will have to change when they are potty trained, but for now I am enjoying them staying on one place.  Our one "incident" so far came when I went to get them up from nap and Hayden had pulled down the sheers that are hung under the cornice above her bed.  She held the whole mess up for me to see (rod and all) and said, "It fall down.  It's okay, Momma."  
Anyway, moving to the big beds meant that the crib was empty and ready for Livi's bedding...I was so excited to get it all out of the packaging and put it together last night....We hung the bird mobile I made, and despite the fact that it practically took a degree in engineering to make the birds hang straight, I LOVE IT!  It is so different...the babies keep asking, "Momma, what that?" and pointing to it.  I guess they don't remember the days of a mobile!  I put two little shelves above the crib to put stuff on (not sure what is going to go there yet) and thought they looked really cute, but both Shawn and my mom had to burst my bubble with the comment, "Won't she be able to reach those when she stands up?"  I'll just worry about that when she learns to stand up!  I'm more worried about my shelves not staying put and falling off the wall onto her.  (Maybe I should have Shawn double check them, now that I'm thinking of that!) I really,  REALLY wanted to put up chair moulding and paint the bottom half of the wall lavender, but after our whole remodel (and fresh paint in every room) the suggestion made my husband have a look on his face like he was going to throw up.  I guess the wall can stay beige.  For now, at least.  
We have a few more projects to do before baby Olivia gets here.  I have an antique chiffarobe that we are going to paint red for Cale's room....(poor guy has nothing to put his clothes in) and I want to blow up some pictures I've taken of the babies for both of their rooms!  I still need rugs, so we are looking at finding some remnants and getting them bound on the edges...I kept trying to find cute ones that matched their rooms, but I guess I am better off with neutral much to do, so little time!!!  


ken and meg said...

beautiful room and I LOVE your mobile... I have shelves like that in Drew's room and by the time he could stand the crib mattress needed to be lowered so he can't reach them...probably the same for you??? Are you going to be making more of those birds??? Mobiles??? I'd buy one for my room!!! :)