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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Big Holiday Weekend!

We had a busy, busy weekend, which explains why it's not quite dark outside yet, and both babies are in bed, unbathed.  They are, as my friend Amy puts it "chlorine clean", so that's better than nothing I guess!!  Friday we were lucky to have Daddy home from work, so we ran a bunch of errands and enjoyed our lazy day, and then headed to a friend's house for a birthday/fourth of July pool party.  Cale was not so interested in swimming (or his floatie suit), but LOVED this little play sink they had on the porch.  He washed and washed the little pretend dishes...let's hope he loves washing REAL dishes that much.  (I'm not holding my breath).  At one point, he tried to fill his little cups up with water from the pool, and fell right in.  Luckily we were sitting right there, and all I had to do was grab his little arm and pull him out.  He went right on about his business, so I am guessing he had the sense to hold his breath....there was no sputtering or crying, so he's either a daredevil or clueless!!  Sissy was a little more of a swimmer, especially the next day when we headed to a family get together.  She jumped and jumped off the pool ladder, and wanted Daddy to throw her high in the air.  She kept telling us, "Climb me on that ladder!" so she could jump again!  Cale, again was busy with other activities...namely walking around the yard nude and trying to pull a giant toy front end loader into a baby pool!  Besides it being a thousand degrees, it was a really good time....I was even brave enough to pull on a big maternity tarp and swim in the pool at both parties...the heat trumped my self respect, so in I went!  It was great, and made me wish we had a pool....I didn't feel pregnant at all while floating!  Saturday night, we watched fireworks (the babies' THIRD time) and Cale finally didn't cry!  He keeps telling us they are "noisy" and "go boom in the sky"....It is so fun that they finally care about "tradition-y" things.  
We are sad to have Daddy go back to work tomorrow, but our week is filled with errands and doctor's OB wants to start seeing me every week from now on out, and the contractions are getting CRAZY....she isn't sure I am going to make it to 38 weeks, which is fine by me.....except I still have a LOT to get done by then!  


ken and meg said...

Nicole~ You REALLY need to put this on I Heart Faces this week!!! Since you want to start your photog business it would give you some great exposure... I think you 4th of July pics are great!!! & you should share your talent!!! they also have contests and giveaways!!!