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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A day in the the life of a one year old....

When you're one, things are pretty exciting.  First, you need to wake everybody up by hollering "Uh-Oh!" or "HI" from your crib as loud as you can.  If you do this loud enough and long enough, someone will come get you, and change your diaper.  Then, you get to crawl around a little bit while mommy gets your breakfast ready.  If you're quick, you can get to the dog food and dog water and mess around with those for a little bit before someone realizes they are still on the floor and not put up on the counter for the day.  After eating something really awesome like Honey Nut Cheerios and a banana, it's play time!
Sometimes "playtime" includes having your face squeezed by your older sister.  This is okay.  At least you're getting some attention.  Sometimes the big sister is even really sweet to you!
When you're one, you're going to get picked up a lot.  Mostly it's because you are trying to crawl up some stairs or out the back door.....but a lot of the time it's just to get loved on.
Because when you're this juicy and adorable, the big people can't help but squeeze you!  In the midst of play time and getting loved on, you might want to mix in some standing around looking adorable.  The big people love this trick, too.
They also love it when you use a bandanna to hide behind, and play "peek-a-boo".  This is a pretty simple trick, but the big people lose control of themselves when you do it.  They really think this is cute!
If you really, REALLY want to drive the big people nuts, say some words for them.  They can't hardly contain themselves!!  It's easy; just say some stuff like "Dada", "Mama", "HI", "Tah-too" (which means "Thank you") and "Thithy".  (Sissy)  People will think you are brilliant!!  
After all this acting cute, you're going to be really tired.  If your mommy is lucky, you'll lay down twice in one day; in the morning and again in the afternoon.  Throughout the day, you'll get to try a bunch of interesting new foods, but it will all look the same because Mommy cuts it all into tiny squares.  After your nap, you will probably want to mix in some hijinks, just to keep Mommy on her toes.  Some days, this might include destroying the TV cabinet and throwing all the DVDs on the floor.
Working this hard is EXHAUSTING.  By six you are going to be ready to eat some more tiny cut up foods...and have another bottle of milk.  At seven-ish, you're ready for a bath; either in the sink alone (safety!) or in the tub with Sissy, which is a little more treacherous.  The bath with Sissy might involve splashing, and having washcloths thrown over your face, but in the end it is so much fun you won't mind.  By eight, you are wiped out.  The big people will put you in some softie jammies and love on you some more, and then you finally get to go to bed. relax yourself, you might want to suck on a pacifier and listen to some relaxing tunes on your rainforest soother....that thing is magical!  If everyone in the house is lucky, you'll sleep happily for 12 hours of blissful silence.  After all, you need a ton of sleep so that you get get started again the next morning....being one is hard work!