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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth of July hijinks....

We had a big weekend.  Saturday morning we were up bright and early to walk in a neighborhood parade....the babies loved waving their little flags and seeing all the other kids and doggies.  My favorite part was the little old man in his front yard playing "The Saints go Marching In" on his trombone.  Their favorite part were the snacks and juice at the end.  Later that afternoon we headed out to Livi LOVES the water as much as her sister (who stayed in the pool for about five straight hours)
Sunday we headed to Lake LBJ in the morning for a day at the lake.....we rode on the boat, got in the water, and sat around and did nothing.  Going to the lake with three small children is definitely more work than it was when we were all in college....but it's so much more fun!  Kelly and I ran to pick up dinner, and from the drive through at the restaurant we could see the back of the lake house, where I watched my husband climb on to the top of the boat house and jump off....he thought he was being sneaky and saving his antics for when I was gone, but little did he know I could see him!  We planned to leave for home early Monday morning, but didn't leave the lake until five in the evening....we were having too much fun to go!