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Thursday, July 1, 2010


As I approach 300 posts on this little blog....I am start to wonder a few things.
1.  At what point am I going to start sounding like an old guy living in a nursing home telling the same stories over and over again?  If I do, will someone please tell me??  I want you to, just like I would want you to tell me I had applesauce all over my face if we lived in that same nursing home together.
2.  That's a LOT of documentation for my kids to read later.  I get a big F in scrapbooking, but this has to count for something.
3.  I can't believe how many people are reading this thing!  I just started a hit counter awhile ago, and it's nearing 4000...that means I:
     a.  Have a lot of friends.  Yippee!  or
     b.  My dad checks in to this blog 24 times a day during his world travels.  (Hi Daddy!)
     c.  People think my life sounds like a lot of work and like to read this blog to make their own seem relaxing in comparison.
4.  Will I keep doing this when it feels like work?  It hasn't yet....sitting down to jot a quick blog and attach some pics has been easy so far, and fun.....I'm hoping it stays this way because I really, REALLY don't want to have to scrapbook again.
5.  Will there be a point where my kids don't want to be blogged about?  If they don't, of course-it's shut down time.  But hopefully they see this for what it is.....documentation of their little lives, written by someone who thinks they hang the moon....I never mean to embarrass them or make them wish I wasn't doing this.  (Okay, so the picture of Bub sitting on the toilet last year might have to come down.)
All this blogging means I have two more whole books to design and have bound....I am pretty proud of myself considering that throughout my life "journaling" meant buying a cute spiral and making one entry.  The pictures are added just because they crack me kids love playing with the "Photo Booth" application on my mac, and it makes them laugh so hard to see crazy pictures of themselves.....and to those of you who think I am crafty and get a lot done, please reference the background of these pictures.....holy laundry pile!


Dad said...

I only check the blog once a day. OK, maybe more often.