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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Snips and Snails....

I'm so excited to have a little boy.  (Of course, I love the two girls too....but I'm glad God decided to give me some of each!!)
This kid is hilarious, smart, and infuriating all in one.  He's such a boy.
He loves on me all day, but tackles Daddy when he gets home.  
He wants so badly to have someone to be rough with, and we make him "play nice" all day.  
How boring.  
What he really wants to do is knock people down, have someone to throw/kick/catch with, build stuff, and make airplane and explosion noises.  
It's funny how he wants to be so rough and tough, but still wants to love on his mommy.
This morning, I told him, "I'm so proud that you get yourself dressed now.  You aren't going to even need me anymore!!"
He answered so sweetly, "Mommy, I still need you for LOTS of stuff."  
(Which is totally true, because when I came to get him, he was fully dressed with his jeans on inside out.)
He still wants to sleep with his light on every night.  If we let him, he's have his overhead light, lamp, and closet light on.  
He doesn't want me to hold his hand across the street.
He loves making "collections" of junk in our backyard.  I found a pile of sticks, rocks, random plastic stuff, and a piece of old hose.  He won't let me throw it out, and insists it's important.
He just started eating like a high school linebacker.  Twice in the last two weeks, I had to order him TWO kids meals at lunch.  Sheesh.  
I love this kid.
P.S.  He calls Elizabeth in his class "Haydie Beth" because that's what we call Sissy sometimes.  It cracks me up.