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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a fun little holiday.
Cale wanted "big suckers" to give his friends for their valentines, so that was easy.  
Sissy wanted "pink heart cookies with icing and sprinkles" which was a bit harder but totally okay.
I have no problem with making these...the babies love them so much!!
I had a little fun with some cute valentine's themed shirts for Sis, which she was super proud to wear.
They had a little party Monday at school, and really loved looking at their Valentines.  They were really sweet, too...and shared a bunch of candy with Livi....
who didn't always ask if she could have a piece judging from the candy wrappers I found in random locations the last two days.  
Tonight we skipped the traditional adult Valentine's date and had a family Valentine's dinner.  
Hayden LOVES the cake at Chili's, so that is where we went...yep, super fancy.
Afterwards, the girls picked out a little something at Charming Charlie's, and Cale got a little lego set.  
It was really their lucky day....Mimi and Pope also let them pick out a surprise at Target today, which took forever and a year because getting to pick out whatever you want is too much pressure for a four year old.  
Let's just say there was a lot of mind changing going on.
Anyway, it was a great day....

Hubby was so sweet and got us all flowers, and threw in a spa gift certificate for momma for good measure.  
Really, though....I didn't need anything.....
These three little toots are more than enough!  
Hope your Valentine's Day was as blessed as mine!!!