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Sunday, March 18, 2012

We be jumpin'...

So we just sold our house...or I think we did.  I guess there's always a chance they back out at the last minute, but barring that, I think we sold our house.  It's bittersweet, because this is what we wanted....but on the other hand, we've been here for so long....I was pregnant with the twins in this house, and this is the house we brought Livi home to.  It's going to be sad to leave....
So with that (pitiful) thought process going on in my head, I have decided to document on film our last few weeks in this house.  I don't take enough pictures of my own kids as it it....this project will fix that!  Last night we were all out in the backyard playing, so I ran inside to grab the camera....I want to be able to always remember how little they were in this house...and the fun we had here.

On another note, this trampoline might have been the best thing we have ever purchased for our kids.  They love it.  Like really, really love it.  Like love it so much they want to jump on it when it's pouring outside and there is lightning and thunder.