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Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'm a soccer mom.

Our first practice was Thursday.   Cale was really, really excited...Sis was less so.  Surprisingly, no crying happened at all!  They had a really good time!  Their coaches are Daddy and Uncle Daniel, and I'm sure that makes it easier for both of them.  Cale was upset at first, because we were told to come to practice with team name suggestions.  He was POSITIVE everyone was going to vote for his name "The Piranhas", but was seriously bummed when he found out the league had already named us "The Lions".  We tried to tell him that lions are the king of the jungle, are really awesome, but he wasn't having it.  More than once that night he said out of nowhere, "Mom?  I didn't want to be the Lions."  Oh well.  If we were The Dirtballs, Livi could be their mascot.  That kid really knows how to earn her bath.  She was filthy by the time we left the field.

Today was the first game....I was a little worried about Sissy.  She cried through breakfast, and the tears really started to fall when we put on her uniform. She kept saying she didn't want to do it, and being the awesome mom I am, I told her she could have a ring pop from the gas station after the game if she played.  She dried up real quick, and actually had fun!
She has a ton of natural ability, but isn't aggressive at all.  She just happily ran up and down the field, making contact a few times.  She did run by me on the sideline and give me about forty high fives.  

Bub, on the other hand, is in LOVE with soccer.  He was so excited for the game, and wasn't nervous at all.  He has never played anything even remotely labeled as "organized", but he caught on right away.  He was making a mean face before the game, and told me it was his "mean soccer face".  

He scored a goal in his first game!!  He was so proud, and it almost makes me want to cry (what doesn't?) looking at this picture.  He made a goal, and then ran across the field smiling, and looking for me on the sideline to see if I noticed.  

I love that he's elbowing the kid out of the way in this picture!!  He isn't scared at all to run into people or get knocked down.

We had enough kids to play two little games of three on three.  Of course, I stayed put by the field where the twins were, but I heard that the other half of our team did great, too!  We won our first game, in no small part to Luke, the MVP of our team.  It was so fun, and I'm just hoping we keep enjoying the season and avoid crying....we might have a lot of trips to the gas station in our future, but I'll do what it takes!  


Doug and Pamela Maziur said...

Man I wish I could be there to watch a game!! That's awesome!

Amy said...

That's so funny...Davis was sure everyone would adopt his name...the Pythons. He's was bummed about the Lions at first, but its growing on him:):) This team is WAY more aggressive than Parks' first team...they were dubbed The Flowerpickers...;_