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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Baby feet

I love her little feet...and all her other tiny toddler parts.  Before too long, she's going to look long and lean, and won't look like much of a baby anymore.  
She's at such a hilarious age....she loves her baby doll and tells it, "I love you, baby!" and then makes a grumpy face at it and talks sternly like it's in trouble.  
I love that most days, she still loves me best in all the world, although Daddy DOES win some days.  This morning I asked her "Who's baby are you?" and she kept saying "Daddy's!!"  
I asked her "Not Mommy's?" and she answered, "Yeah, Mommy's too."
I love her little curls as they grow in....especially when she's been playing outside and they're sweaty.  Before too long, she'll have a full head of hair, and we'll miss her wispy little baby hair.  
For now, I'm squeezing all the love out of these last months of babyhood....