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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First Day of Dayschool: a.k.a."Mommy gets a break"

The first day of school snuck up on us right in the middle of a raging stomach bug.  Lucky for us, Mimi swooped in and saved the day!  Showed up early (with Cale's snack for the whole class) and took them to school.  I had all sorts of plans for a cute back to school photo shoot, and "back to school" dinner of lasagna and hot fudge sundaes.   Funny enough, in the middle of a stomach bug, even speaking the word "lasagna" was enough to send us running to a toilet, so plans changed.  Babies were taken care of by Mimi, and Mommy and Daddy laid around all day competing for the title of "Sickest, most pititful Person in the House."  (In case you were wondering, I won.)
 Thoroughly unimpressed with the picture taking process.  Actually, come to think of it, they are probably humiliated that they were having to be seen out of doors with their mom, who was in the same jammies she'd worn for 24 hours. 
 We always like to make sure we have a new tat on the first day. :)

 I love the baby in the background in her jammies, holding her blanket.  I wonder how many older siblings in the world have pictures like this....ones where a random tiny person is standing in the background?    
 Enjoying his sundae, and looking at the Halloween version of the "Oriental Trading" catalogue.  This thing was good for at least three days of entertainment. 

They love their teacher, love their class...we are so grateful to have them back at their same little dayschool from last year.  Transitioning back to school was a snap (even with a barfy mom) because they were going back to something familiar.  
On the first night of school, mom managed to bust out the waffle bowls and all the stuff to make hot fudge sundaes.  Everyone wanted ice cream, with lots of sprinkles.  No one wanted hot fudge, because it looked "gross".  Everyone managed to take one bite of their sundae and then say they were done.  Mommy had a hot fudge sundae for dinner.