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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fall Pictures of My babies....

I wanted some new pics of my babies.  I decided I wanted them to have a "fall" feel, so although it has been over 100 degrees most days around here, I stuffed them into long sleeved shirts and sweaters and herded them into Mimi's greenbelt for some photo fun.  Luckily, it was really shady out there, and cooler at six thirty so it wasn't hot at all.  We did get scraped up a bit, but they were such troopers!!

When we got home, I found a tick crawling on my jeans!!  Luckily none of my little people had any on them....I guess that's the hazard of taking pictures in a wooded area....
I love these pictures!  All three of them look so big....Hayden and Cale's eyes have totally turned new colors, and can't really be called blue at all anymore.  Hayden's are bluish-gray, and Cale's are a really cool green/gray color.  Livi is our only real blue eyed baby, now....and she doesn't even look much like a baby anymore!