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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Instagram art

As I was scrolling through my phone one day, I was smiling at all the cute pictures of my kids that I had taken with the Instagram app.  It's a fun little app that offers some funky little edits on your pictures, and I play around with it from time to time.  I loved all the pictures I had accumulated, and the story they told.  You know you can't haul your big camera around everywhere, so the phone ends up being the camera of choice most of the time.....all the little memories stored on there are so cute.  Pics of my babies eating paletas at Fiesta, Liv's first time to sit on a potty, playing dress up, running on the beach, being cute at restaurants....there are so many!  I'm not sure how much memory this phone of mine has, but I can't ever see myself deleting these sweet pictures.  Instead of just enjoying them on my camera, I decided to make some art with them so that these cute little snapshots would be on our wall.
Using a little "picnik" magic, this was born:
I printed a 20X20 square print of all our little memories, and I love it!!!  It's funky...not the best "quality" pictures of all time...but these are the images I love best...perfect in emotion, not just technically perfect.