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Monday, August 29, 2011


Logan came over for a playdate this week....within minutes, every dress up outfit we owned was on the floor, or on a person.  It was mayhem (but good mayhem).  
Cale told Logan "You are Sleeping Beauty.  You have to lay here and be asleep until I kiss you and wake you up."  He's a bossy prince, that one.  I think in this picture, he is directing her (you can tell from the finger wagging) and she is trying to take him seriously. 
All the "dresser uppers"....Cale looks unhappy, but he was having just as good a time as the girls!
 After dress up, Snow White had a mini-meltdown and had to go down for nap.  We headed outside because it was the only day in the past three months where I can remember something that remotely resembled a breeze happening outside.  It was our lucky day, because it rained, too!  (Not enough to go inside, but enough for it to cool down a bit)
My big girl hung out on the porch with me while Logan and Bub drove the John Deere around the backyard like crazy people.  They had the best time pretending to "gas it up" with a piece of hose.
I kept telling Sis to go play with them, but I think she was ready to go lay was all she could do to sit at the table and drink a juice (and stay awake.)

 Before Logan went home, we got out some supplies to do a little project that we have been planning.  My kiddos are so empathetic, and always worry about people they see on the street.  We made up some "snack bags" to hand out, and they were very serious about filling the bags with a water bottle and something to eat.  Logan took a bunch with her to put in their car, and we filled up a big basket to put in our car.  We haven't had the opportunity to pass any out yet, but Cale asked me today when we were going to "sell our bags"....which we thought was funny.  He also told us, "We need to go look for some people without homes.  Maybe we should look at Ross."  Shawn asked him why and he said "People who don't have homes shop at Ross."  Well, okay.  People without homes, plus your mother.  And a bunch of people who don't supervise their kids....but that is another blog post altogether. 
I'm proud of them for caring about those less fortunate, and although I know our little snack bags aren't going to solve San Antonio's homeless problem, I hope that it will show them that every little bit helps, and hopefully inspire in them a love of helping other people.  So, although we do a lot of dressing up, mess making, playing in the back's nice to mix in something like this for a change...