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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bathtime.  Sigh.  Not my favorite time of the day.
In case anyone was wondering, it's hard bathing three people and getting them ready for bed.  (Which I should make a note of when I get baby crazy).  
I understand that I'm the one who filled the tub with these babies, and I adore them, but....  
 Bathing them is not my favorite activity.  
Mostly I make Daddy do it, but sometimes it's my turn.  It's not that I don't love time with them, it's just that by this point in the day, I'm usually at my wit's end.  Not every day, but some days.  Bathing them all together is a shenanigan, because really this tub isn't big enough for it...but bathing them all separately takes longer and that's not going to happen.  
There's a lot of fighting over who gets to sit next to the faucet, who gets the cup to play with, and who gets to "soak" the longest.  (They all want to be the last one out)
There's a lot of splashing, too....which bothers their daddy a lot but me, not so much.  I figure if hot, soapy water is splashing on my bathroom floor and I mop it up, that sort of counts as cleaning my bathroom.
Some nights...bathtime is sweet.  We sing, do a little lesson with the bathtub letters, and no one screams or talks so loud my ears bleed.  Some nights, they all get along, and share the cup and play so nicely it almost makes me like bathing them.  Plus, I love how their little hands and feet look all prune-y.  
This is another one of those activities that fits into the "days are numbered" category....I know I won't be able to bathe them all together for long.....their little bodies won't be little enough anymore, plus, it's bound to get weird at some point....I'm sure first graders won't want to bathe together.  
Anyway, I love this picture of them, even though no one is was a good bathtub night.  I love their pruney feet....and how they all still fit in there.  
(Is it just me, or do my kids all manage to look like their father, even though they all look different?? How is that fair, or even possible?)