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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I'm loving today....

I love these people.....
I love that they are still little enough that they want to be loved on.  This morning, they all crawled into my lap like a bunch of puppies.  I know that won't last forever, so when they do it, I'm grateful.

I love that the twins start sentences now with "Mom, I've got some good/bad news...."  
That cracks me up.

I love that while I was getting dressed this morning, Hayden poked my stomach and said, "What happened there?"
I told her: "YOU happened there...."

I love that my little boy that typically only eats bread and tortillas has tried both shrimp AND a turkey and cheese sandwich in the last five days. 

I love that both twins came home last night from being out with Daddy, and wanted to run and jump all over me and tell me what they did while they were away.

I love that I still have a baby in the house.  She's still asking for (and getting) her bottle and paci, but I can't manage to tell her NO quite yet.  She's still my tiny one....

I love that the tiny one LOVES her she kept running to Hayden with her arms open for a hug.  She loves me, but she REALLY loves her brother and sister.

I love that the polaris machine in my parents' pool has been renamed the "Wicky Bug" because Livi thought it was a "Yucky bug" when she first saw it, and said it was going to bite her.