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Thursday, June 30, 2011


I apologize for the prolific amounts of pictures uploaded from my's just that getting pictures off my real camera and onto the computer is harder than hooking up my's just ironic since my camera costs more than my first car, and all my blog pictures are from a 49 dollar phone.  Oh well.

Today I'm wondering why the baby refuses to nap when I want to lay down, but when I'm up doing stuff, (like today) she's taking a marathon nap. What in the world?

I'm wondering how my house goes from COMPLETELY and totally picked up, neat as a looking like a run down crack house in less than twelve hours.

I'm wondering if my husband expects me to make dinner tonight.

I'm wondering if the dude who is supposed to build our patio cover is actually going to start tomorrow like he said he would.  He better.

I'm wondering what crappy house in my neighborhood is going to be awarded yard of the month tomorrow.  I know our driveway needs to be replaced...but seriously??  Our yard looks better than 90 percent of the houses that get the stinking yard of the month award, and we never, ever have gotten it.
Can you tell I'm bitter about this?
I told my husband I'm making a "Yard of the Millenium" sign and put it in my own yard.  He says they'd probably make me take it down.

I'm wondering who taught my baby to plug her ears and holler "Nanananananana I can't hear you!"  Thanks for that, whoever did it.

I'm feeling a tiny bit grumpy right now...can you tell?

p.s.  the picture above is my screen saver on my phone.  I love it because...a: the big ones have their arms around the baby and b: it's taken in front of a restaurant, and Sis has a purse and Bub has his Zoolie bear with him.  I love their accessories that go everywhere with us.
Looking at that picture makes me less grumpy.


kazia said...

sweet photo :)