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Saturday, June 18, 2011

I love days like today....

Nothing we really HAD to do...just stuff we WANTED to do...a trip to Gruene Market days to buy plants for the back was 1000 degrees outside at ten in the morning, so we didn't last long there.  We headed back to SA (after a quick trip through the Granzin's drive through for BBQ sandwich for the hungry husband) and hung out at home.  Kids napped, we puttered around the house, and husband got to go off and wander around in Academy for a few hours.  I'm not sure how he always manages to come home with nothing though.  If I could do that, we'd be a lot more well off financially.
The kiddos woke up, and we headed to Lowe's for a quick errand.  We went to a few other stores, one of them being Goodwill, because I need a wooden coffee table that I can make over for our back patio.   Sadly, there were no cute tables there, but there was a HUGE buffet thing with drawers and two doors.  It would have been AMAZING for our back patio, painted a cool color and antiqued.  Too bad for me, it already had a SOLD tag on it, and it's no wonder...they only asked 9.99 for it.  Can you believe that?  I would have loved an outdoor buffet that I could tell people I got for less than ten bucks!
We had mexican food for dinner at one of our favorite spots, and the kids were really well behaved because we set up our tables right next to the fish tank, and that was entertaining enough to keep them focused.

After dinner, we ran by my friend's house to drop something off....we tried to make it super quick, because I knew they were about to bathe their kids.  Anyway, our "super quick" trip turned into mojitos on their porch...our five combined kids had fun drawing all. over. their. bodies with crayola mojito was too yummy to worry about that.  Let me tell you, it kept them busy and it came right off in the tub!  Totally worth the mess.
Now, babies are all in bed, and I can hear the husband watching baseball in the other I'm off to read in the tub!
**sidenote:  the tiny one is starting to need some discipline.  She hollered "NO" at her Daddy this afternoon, and ended up with her tiny hiney in time out.
***sidenote number two:  I have plans for a little bit of this in the back yard...
No, this is not our house, just a photo I saved on my phone.  I am still on my "must get shade" kick for my backyard.  We're working on accomplishing this, soon hopefully!!  Stay tuned!