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Monday, June 13, 2011

Occupying our summer days....

We are filling up these lazy days with fun, fun, much of it as we can stand!  We play in the backyard in the splash pool, we make a water slide out of our regular play ground slide, (which is probably critically unsafe and illegal in fourteen states),  we have friends over...we swim, swim and SWIM until we can't take it anymore.  Mimi's pool is the usual spot, but we are trying to create summer fun in other ways too.  Last week our friends came over and one of my mommy friends, Sarah, brought along a giant inflatable water park for the kids to play in.  Sarah deserves a mommy award of some kind (or at least a stiff cocktail)  for setting up that thing....after losing some accessories and sweating like a champ, she had it up and running and the babies had a great morning playing in it.  Sitting outside watching them play started me thinking about outdoor projects I need to start on....namely, some kind of stinkin patio cover for our back yard.  If you had been there that morning, you would have seen four grown women basically all sitting in the same chair, trying to relax in the sixteen square inches of shade that our little umbrella provides.  Not good enough.  Not good enough, at all!  What's the point of having stuff for the kids to do out in the backyard if I have to sweat like a wrestler to supervise?  This week will include a visit from a carpenter guy, who will hopefully see my lack of shade and be so crippled with pity that he offers to build something beautiful and classic at little charge.
If setting up a waterpark in your backyard isn't crazy enough, I ventured to SEA WORLD alone, to meet Leni and her brood for a day at the waterpark area.  I brought my double stroller, so one kiddo was going to have to walk.  Of course, when we have three stroller seats available, no one wants to ride...but when there is only two, everyone wants to be in a stroller and be pushed.
I was a little nervous (okay, maybe more than a little) to be around water, with three kiddos four and under, none of which are independent swimmers yet.  Luckily, there are life jackets there for them to use, and that made me feel a little better.  After a little mishap involving Livi (she isn't used to a life jacket and  ventured out over her head in the wave pool, only to realize it didn't hold her up the same way her puddle jumper does...causing her to tump onto her stomach, face in the water, or flip onto her back, flailing like a beached whale) we had a great time!  The twins loved the wave pool, and stayed right by me.  There was another little splash area they loved, and a pool with a water slide that only LIVI would ride with me.  That one is a daredevil, and is going to cause me some gray hairs in the future.  I thought she would be scared because the slide dumps you into the water at the end, but she was happy as can be.  She told Leni afterwards, "I SIDE!"  We left Leni and her kiddos at the wave pool, and headed back to our car.  This was akin to climbing Mt. Everest.  All three kiddos got in the double stroller, and I pushed the whole 100+ pound thing for what felt like ten hours to get to the car.  Somehow, it was all uphill, and I had to bend myself in half to get it moving at a snail's pace.  Having the twins walk would have been easier physically, but hollering "GET OVER HERE AND STAND BY ME" a thousand times might have been just as exhausting.  Finally, FINALLY we made it to our car and headed home.  Two thirds of them were asleep before we left the parking lot. (Cale, in true form, chattered the whole way home, never showing one sign of tiredness at all.  The kid is a machine.)

 Livi's favorite part of Sea World is the refillable popcorn bucket. 

Despite slathering on SPF at every turn, and making my tiny ones wear their rash guards, they are still turning into brown bunnies, and June isn't even over yet!