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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rockport weekend....

Clearly, we are beach going fools this summer!  This weekend marked our second trip to Rockport with the Zunkers.  Every summer, they rent a house on the water, and we are lucky enough to spend a few days with them.  We headed down there on Saturday, and quickly got our bathing suits on.  First on the agenda: searching for hermit crabs, digging in the sand, and walking the pier.

Daddy found a crab, and caught it for everyone to look at.  Livi wasn't too sure about this thing....

Other than worrying about my kids falling off the pier into the ocean, we had a pretty relaxing day.  Shawn kept reminding me that they had life jackets on, but I know the experience would have been traumatic nevertheless, and wanted to avoid it at all costs.  We just got these kids excited about the water!  I didn't want to take fifteen steps back!  We grilled fajitas, and got the kids washed up for bed.  Once again, I was reminded how "fun" it is to try to get all my people to sleep in the same room.  Ugh.  Sissy and the baby would be fine, but for some reason, Cale is one of those kids that literally vibrate with energy when they are tired.  He gets more ridiculous and bouncy, and can't be contained.  I had to lay with him in bed, and physically hold him still to get him to settle down.  I called this "snuggling" so that he wouldn't know he was being put in a human straight jacket.
The next day was more playing outside, more crab hunting, more pier walking, and more relaxing.  That evening, we were invited on a boat ride and to dinner with another family and we were super excited about that.

My kids LOVED the boat, especially the cabin.  They thought they were in a floating playhouse!  Nevermind that there was no airflow to speak of and it was a veritable oven down in that thing....we had to convince them to come above deck and enjoy the ride.  So fun!  Reminds me how much I would love having a boat someday.  We enjoyed looking at all the beautiful houses, and Livi ate her weight in watermelon.
Back at their house, we swam in the pool, and my sweet son, who JUST RECENTLY AGREED TO GET OFF THE STEPS OF THE POOL, asked me to take his life jacket off so he could "swim without it".  Well, okay.  I took it off, and stood up to follow him.  He jumped right into the center of the hot tub, and sunk straight to the bottom.  I jumped in after him, and he wasn't deterred at all.  Back and forth, back and forth he went....sinking a little more than he was swimming, but still getting closer and closer to actual swimming.  I was so proud of how brave he was, and how hard he was trying!!

The picture above is a horrible one of Livi, but I posted it because I'm pretty sure she's pooping in this picture, and that is the BEST part of this story.....the hostess noticed her standing by the side of the pool with POOP COMING OUT OF HER SWIM DIAPER, and pointed it out very nicely to me.  In horror, I ran to her, noticed a tsunami of wet poop running down her leg and dripping onto their beautiful was one of those moments where you are looking around, frozen...because you can't grasp what is going on, and you don't know what to do first.  Being the brilliant problem solver I am, I grabbed a bucket, filled it with pool water, and washed the poop off the deck and down the steps that lead to the ocean.  All this really did was splatter the poo down the steps.  I grabbed the baby and her bag, and headed down said steps, out of the general vicinity of other swimmers/party goers who were, at this point, probably gagging.  I laid her on the dock next to the boat, and managed to tear her swim diaper in half while she tried to flip over like a fish.  Because of all her hijinks, poop and RAISINS flopped out of her diaper, onto the deck and all over my leg.  I hollered at Amy to tell Shawn to bring me an HEB bag, when what I really needed was a HazMat mask and a flamethrower.  He came down just as I was finishing dangling my poop covered baby by the arms down into the ocean to wash her off, and we managed to clean up, re-diaper her, and ensure we never get another invite back to these nice people's house.  They were SO gracious and sweet, but having your baby explode at a pool party still makes you feel like a Beverly Hillbilly.  Sigh.  I thought we were almost past this point, considering Livi says, "I no poop in my suit." every time I get her dressed for swimming.  I guess she's just hoping for the best, not making any promises. 
We headed back to SA Monday, and were a little sad to go....Shawn needed to get back for work, and we had a busy week ahead of us, but we were going to miss the lazy days of needing to be nowhere.  I'm already trying to plan our next trip back!