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Monday, June 6, 2011


I just know I'm going to forget the way her tiny voice sounds right now....someday I'll try to remember how she talked/laughed at this age, and it won't come to me.  I already can hardly remember the twins at this age...until I get out the home movies and watch their adorable little selves in action.
I need to get better at video–ing all of them!  The days just seem to happen, one after the other...filled with activities that I should be taping but I forget....I'm resolving to change that!  I know someday, I will really treasure the movies I make of them....until then, I blog.  At least I'll have this!
I love, LOVE the age Livi is at right now.  She is full of hilarious commentary all day long.  Today, I heard her telling her baby, "Hiiiiiii, sugar!"  At least her "mommy voice" is nice, huh?  If she hollered in her baby's face, I would know where THAT was coming from!
She is still telling us that everything bit her...from the killer whale at Sea World, to the little girl walking down the road.  I guess that is the third kid in her....she has figured out how to tattle, but hasn't yet figured out believable ways to pin things on people.
She is a swimming fool at this age!!  She's still wearing her water wings, but I am willing to bet she'll be my earliest swimmer.  She has. no. fear.  This is a good thing and a bad thing.  She is so fun!  Laughing and happy all day long, unless she's asking for a bottle or paci, both of which I am trying to ween her off of.  I tried saying "No, paci's are only for sleeping."  but she literally screams until my eardrums bleed in the car, and I give in just because I CAN NOT TAKE IT.  I guess I'll try weaning her again in a few months.
She's super interested in the potty, and wants to sit on it all the time, but nothing has happened on the pot yet.  She grunts and says, "I'm done!" so we still have a way to go.  She likes to talk about pottying (she's her mother's child!) and tell me who uses the potty, but no luck with training yet.  We were sitting on the potty at my mom's house the other day, and I was telling her to toot.  I thought that might make something happen, so I was encouraging tooting, and she was performing quite well.  Her sister came in to see what was going on, and my baby made the grumpiest face at her sister, and hollered, "HEY!  Yet me toot!"  That baby cracks me up!
She is really, really verbal for her age, so she loves to play with bigger kids.  Luckily, they indulge her, because she actually plays pretend, and follows's funny how much OLDER she seems at this age than the twins did...I know it's because she is the third baby and has to keep up with them all the time.
She is IN LOVE with Hayden and Cale, and does most everything they tell her to.  If they are trying to push her around, out!  She'll holler and defend herself, which cracks me up to no end.  She mostly adores them, though....and brings them up in every conversation.  Here are some examples:
Me:  "Livi, you want to start going on the potty?"
Livi:  "Bubby potty.  Sissy potty."
or this one...
Me:  "Hey, what is your name?"
Livi:  "Bubby name Cale.  Sissy name Hayden."
Me:  "Yeah, but what is YOUR name?"
Livi:  "Bubby name Cale."
If they are somewhere without her, she has to talk about where they are the whole time...."Bubby at Mimi's?  Sissy at Mimi's?"  It won't be long before she is doing everything they are doing....she doesn't want to be left out!  Sissy was asking Mimi when she could spend the night again, and the tiny one heard the conversation and hollered, "I pend the night, too!"  You can't sneak much past my tiny one....
I can't believe she'll be two in less than two months?  Where did the time go??  This one flew by even faster than the first two....


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