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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Livi's sentences

I know I thought the twins were brilliant at this age too....I just can't seem to remember that far back.  Livi shocks us every day with the stuff she says!  All of a sudden, she can label EVERYTHING.  She's so much of a talker now, I couldn't even do a blog post with words she knows, because she says EVERYTHING.  I feel like she turned into a talker overnight. You can actually carry on a conversation with this one!!  Just recently, she started putting two, three, four words together.  She's been saying "Thank You" and "Bless You" for awhile now, and "Uh OH paci/bottle/whatever falls on the floor".  Now, we are surprised to hear some new ones.  She also says:
"Daddy working"
"Daddy working building"
"Sissy Bubby Mimi"  (Translated: "Sissy and Bubby are at Mimi's")
"My want it"
"I did it!" and "I got it!"
"I do!" (when asked, "Who's pretty?"....this answer doesn't really make sense, but I love it!!)
"Read it"
"Hose You" (Hold you)
"Mommy coming peese?"
"No No Wy-eee!" (when he's barking)
"Tee-ya pees" (Tortilla please)
"Tee Tee ouch.  Keem."  (Translated: "I have a diaper rash and need cream" (desitin)
She also cracks us up because she pronounces "Yes", "Wes".  We ask her stuff all day just to hear "Wes".
She still hits playfully to get a reaction out of the hit-ee.  She's switched it up a bit now in that she has started saying "Sow-ee" and THEN hitting you.  We get a pre-emptive "Sorry" before the smack!  After being whacked one too many times in the face, I had a little talk with her about not hitting.  It went a little like this:
Me: "Livi, we don't hit people.  We love people.  We give hugs and kisses.  Daddy doesn't hit you.  Mommy doesn't hit you.  No hitting, okay?"
Livi:  "Daddy no hit you.  Daddy kiss you."  LONGEST GROUP OF WORDS STRUNG TOGETHER TO DATE...I was flabbergasted.  Not only did she TOTALLY get what I was trying to say to her, she said nearly the same thing back to me!  Not that it stopped the smacking, however.  Good thing she's a cute one....
I love this little thing...crusty, slobbery face and all! 


Ali Fox Dahlberg said...

What a smart baby!!!!! Love it!