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Friday, March 11, 2011

Fun Sunday...

Last Sunday after church, we were supposed to head right out the doors and go eat at Texas Pride BBQ....we had a groupon burning a hole in our pocket!  We had forgotten that the church chili cookoff and carnival was planned for that day.  All during Sunday school, the twins watched them set up all the bounce houses and booths, so when the service was over, we determined that we would be considered the world's meanest parents if we made them walk past all that fun stuff without enjoying it just a little.
We bought some tickets, and they were in hog heaven!  In fact, they were so excited they ran off a few times and had to be chased down.....they LOVED the bounce house with the slide, and the bouncy obstacle course.  I talked them into doing the inflatable slide, but as you view my pictures you will see the looks of abject terror on their faces and realize how much they enjoyed THAT suggestion.  We had a plethora of tickets, so they got to do all their favorites several times.....and then it was snack time!  Mimi and Popo got there, and we all sat down to have a drink...the twins got snowcones, which was great except we were all starving and ready to go to lunch and they were vying for the award of world's slowest snow cone eater.  We would have literally been there all day at that rate, so we made them abandon snow cone and load up in the car, which I still think was mean of us.  I am worried that having your beloved snow cone ripped out of your hands and thrown away before you're done is bound to be psychologically scarring.  Oh well.
We headed to Texas Pride, and they spent some time on the playground.....the twins decided to go home with Mimi and Pope, so we got to make a rare "one baby" trip to Costco, which is EASY PEASY...let me tell you!
I can't wait for more of these fun, relaxing, beautiful weather Sundays....
The bouncy slide might have been a little TOO advanced. 
Watch out!  It's bounce house hair!
Ever cautious...he's probably weighing his desire to do something with it's obvious risks.  This kid is just like his dad.  
If you can't get IN the bounce house, you can at least lean up against it.  
As previously mentioned on this blog, this baby is obsessed with bottled waters.  You can't even walk past a display of them in the store without hearing "Mommy!  WAH-NER!  BOTTLE!  WAH-NER"
Of course, she ends up dumping half the bottle on herself, but throws a fit if you try to take it away from her.