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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ride a horsie, go to town!

Saturday I had a senior session at a ranch.  Besides getting some really cool pictures of Cooper with his horse, my kids got to get up close and personal with "Kid".  Cooper's mom had thought my kids would enjoy riding the horse, so she told me to bring them along for the shoot....well, she was two thirds right.  My girls agreed to get on the horse, albeit reluctantly.  Livi is too little to really know what is going on, so we just threw her up there before she could decide how she felt about it.  Sissy was unsure, until I told her I would get her a milkshake if she would ride him.  (Works every time!) Once they realized how far off the ground they were, there was a little hesitation.....
Once Kid got going, they really enjoyed themselves!  I was a little worried about Livi staying put, but she hung on and rode like a pro.
After they got a chance to ride, Sissy asked to get back on Kid over and over and over.  She REALLY wanted to keep riding that horse....maybe some riding lessons are in the future for this little one!
During all the excitement, Cale did his best to distract me from the horse.  I think he thought if he talked about something else, I'd quit asking him if he wanted to ride it....