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Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkin Patch!

We headed to the pumpkin patch Sunday to pick out our pumpkins....I remember the selection of pumpkins looking a little healthier last year, but my kiddos weren't going to be deterred by sickly, stemless gourds!  They started piling pumpkins into their little wagon like they were on "Supermarket Sweep".  Daddy had to go along after them and take out all the pumpkins they put in.  Always the annoying picture taking mommy, I tried to squish them all together for some adorable photo ops.  They weren't having it.  Despite a bunch of begging, pleading, and embarrassing hijinks by Daddy in the background, I still got a bunch of pics that include:  Hayden looking at the ground, Hayden sticking her tongue out, Cale pulling up his shirt, the baby trying to eat grass, kids holding random items in front of their faces and the baby sporting her chronically runny nose.  Sigh.  I would pay good money to get one, just ONE good picture of the three of my babies looking adorable, happy, and snot free. I have decided that the likelihood of getting a good family picture is directly inversely proportional to the amount of kids you have....You've got one kid?  A multitude of cute portraits are just a shutter click away!  Three kids?  Get ready for 175 pictures of tormented weirdos that look miserable to be out in public with you.  Since the elusive "perfect pumpkin picture" wasn't going to happen, we gave up on picture taking and went back to loading up the wagon with pumpkins we were pretending we were going to buy.  In the end, we ended up with six or seven pumpkins, and the babies think they all picked them out.  As we were leaving, we noticed a little train being pulled by a riding lawnmower, which looked like a load of dangerous fun, so we might have to head back to the pumpkin patch again before Halloween gets here.


BeBe Gear said...

Love the amazing pictures!!! They're awesome!!!

Doug and Pamela Maziur said...

R U Kidding? I love all those pics!!