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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The baby is walking....

 Livi took her first steps more than a month ago, but then shelved the whole "walking" thing.  She literally walked back and forth to Shawn and I about four times, and then didn't walk again for six weeks.  Nothing.  Not a step!  Then, on my uncle's birthday, my whole family was over here for birthday cake and she started walking all over the place.  She was a walking fool!  Putting on a big show...smiling, laughing and clapping for herself.  I think she might be a ham.  (Shocker)  She was just waiting for a bigger crowd to show her new trick to.  Now, she does a bunch of walking each day, but still crawls when she needs to get somewhere in a hurry.
 As brilliant as (I think) my kids are, none of them were early walkers.  Cale went as far as seventeen months as a crawler....the kid would crawl past you talking but would NOT stand up.  My mom and I finally coaxed him into walking by luring him with lunch meat.  I am not sure what about this bothers me so much.....I know they are developing fine, but the late walking thing annoys me because it's almost like they are CHOOSING not to walk....their first act of defiance to get their mom's goat! Lots of people have said to me (with all three babies) "Why do you WANT them to walk?  Things get so much HARDER when they start walking!!"  I'm not sure what parenting planet these people live on, but in my universe, my crawlers are pretty much into everything before they learn to stand up.  Case in point, a month ago, I walked into the living room to find my NON WALKING baby standing on the side table next to the couch.  Standing up!  Like she was surfing.  To me, that is proof that her non-walking was directed at me.  If you can climb up the chair and balance yourself on the side table, you can probably put one foot in front of the other, my friend.
Anyway, I am glad that she is walking, because it makes things easier more carrying this baby everywhere....then again, it is one more "baby" thing that is gone forever and that makes me sad.  I will most likely never have another non-walking baby again.  -Sniffle-
I took these two pictures yesterday as she was walking all around the house.....just so you know, this baby is not taking after her non-shirt wearing Daddy, but is only topless because we had ravioli for dinner.  Secondly, how adorable is her fat baby gut?  I love that thing!!!