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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Comments from today...

...."Daddy, why aren't you talking?" -Hayden at dinner...Shawn laughed because he said that was a typical girl comment.
...."Mommy, don't leave!  Stay in here and talk about my swimming party." -Cale at bedtime....we spend ALL YEAR talking about the birthday party.
..."They were screaming me out of town!" -Hayden today at Momak's for lunch...irritated with the little boys on the playground.
...."Mommy, it's not a joke.  We have to put the TV on because boys love sports." -Cale, after I may or may not have questioned Daddy about holing himself up in our bedroom with the TV on.
..."We were playing ice cream shop.  I gave him two dollars, and some acorns....he just threw the acorns on the ground" -Cale, talking about playing with a friend at recess today.
..."MOMMY!!!  He keeps knocking the "How's your father?" soap into the tub!" -Hayden at bathtime....this is only really funny if you know our family terminology.  Whenever we scrub hineys, we call it "giving you a how's your father" (from Austin Powers) as in:  "Stand up so I can give you a "how's your father"  She was crying because Cale was running by and pushing the bottle of bath gel into the tub.

And these are just the ones I can REMEMBER from today.  They crack me up!  Even the baby is funny nowadays....wrinkling her nose up and shaking her head if she doesn't like something.