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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Glamorous chores for me...

Yesterday as I was making the bed, I noticed that our wall unit air conditioner looked dirty.  On closer inspection, I realized it was REALLY dirty.  The little blades were virtually black, and it was making me almost gag to look at, I decided to tackle that thing.  It took about thirty Clorox wipes and about forty Q-tips dipped in rubbing alcohol, but it is looking much better.  About the time I had accumulated a mountain of filthy Q-tips next to me, I realized the whole front of the thing snapped off.  Sigh.  That means I could have just washed it in the sink.  I don't know what I was thinking!  Anyway, sitting down by the air conditioner made me realize that the trim around it had never been painted.  I had to go find the paint that matched, and opened the can CURSING my old paint guy once again.  He put some junk (thinner I'm sure) in EVERY GALLON OF PAINT WE OWN....even ones he didn't open or use yet.  Consequently, every time I want to touch up paint, I have to stir the gallon for about twenty straight minutes to get it mixed again.  I really, really hate that he put that thinner in every gallon, because it is SO drippy to use.....I'm sure it makes it flow through the sprayer better, but it just runs off brushes....anyway, I digress.  (I could do a whole post on the lingering disappointment and angst I feel about our paint guy)
In the middle of those two messy chores, the baby did the poop of the century and that was a whole new challenge.  After changing her, we were playing on the floor and I realized my husband was right and Cale's pallet DID INDEED smell like pee, and that started a whole new job.
This post serves as a not so subtle message to people who think staying home with your kids is relaxing, or glamorous.  It's not.


joanna said...

love it! it reminds me of a story from MOPS that Amy Child once read, 'if you give a mom a muffin' Quite accurately depicting how our (us moms) brains work and the effects it has on our productivity in regards to our daily endeavors. I found it posted here: