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Monday, September 13, 2010

Kiddie Park

We have been wanting to take the babies to visit Kiddie Park for awhile....ever since the temperature went below 100, but especially since they fixed it up and it doesn't look like you need a tetanus shot just to drive by it.  It's actually pretty cute!  Shawn and I remember it differently from our childhood....actually, let me rephrase that.  Shawn can't remember any of the rides at all, only that there used to be a roller coaster.  I remember it being Disney World, so both of our recollections are a little skewed.
We hesitated at paying for the "unlimited" wrist bands for them, because we weren't sure if they would actually ride all the rides or just stand in front of them screaming.  We decided to just go for it, and hope for the best, and it worked!  They LOVED it, and had to ride everything twice.  Their favorite were the "space ships" that go around in a circle (fast) and rise up and down.  On this one, you can have a parent ride with you, so I rode twice with Cale and twice with Hayden.  Neither kid really understands why Daddy won't ride....Cale kept trying to coax him with things we say to try to make HIM do things.  "Daddy, you will like it, I promise!"  and "Trust me, you won't be scared of it."  Three year olds are too little to understand "inner ear problem" and the ensuing vomiting that would surely occur at Kiddie Park if Daddy were to go in a circle more than once.
Even baby Livi got in on a ride.  We thought she was too little, but right before closing, one of the ride operators asked if we wanted to give Livi a ride....she didn't have a wristband, but they let her on anyway.  Daddy strapped her into a little airplane, and she smiled so big everytime she went past us.  Next time we go, Livi will definitely get a wrist band, too!  She had a great time.


Dana said...

I always LOVED going to Kiddie Park! It was so much fun! Is it still the same setup? I would love to take Natalie there someday!