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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our first "school year" has begun.....

Meet the teacher was an event in itself.  Mommy got teary eyed upon walking in the classroom.  Bub and Sis ran straight for the toys and proceeded to make a mess.  Their teachers seem really sweet.  The twins have one of their best friends Davis in their class....all signs are pointing in a great direction....until Sissy got the message from Mommy that meet the teacher was almost over and we needed to pick up the toys.  That did NOT go over well.  She was upset....then Bubby wouldn't get out of the chair she wanted to sit in, so she started whaling on him.  I feel sorry for him, because she really wanted to whale on ME, but knew that was out of the question so he was the nearest target.  Mommy tried to stop the whaling and the wailing, but Sissy pulled out the old "detach-all-my-bones-and-turn-myself-into-a-human-jello-pile" trick.  Jello pile treated us all to high pitched screeching that can only be compared to that a pterodactyl might have make during it's death rattle.
With that fabulous introduction to school, it came as a pretty big surprise that the first day went so amazingly.  They both ran right in, and didn't want to even stop and pose at the door for nerdy picture taking mommy.  There was no prolonged goodbye....I think Sis might have hollered "Bye Pipkin!" at Livi, but I didn't even get a nod.  Oh well....I'll take that ANYDAY over separation anxiety.
They have now gone two days and they LOVE it.  I've been informed that they had popcorn and fruit for snack, Sis has two new friends Abby and Maggie, Bub plays with a little boy named Anton, and there was some drama on the playground today that involved a "big, mean girl" taking away an orange car.
On the way into "meet the teacher"...
So excited for Davis to be in our class!
Posing with new school tote bags.  Could they look more irritated with me?
First day of school!


Dad said...

I remember your first day. Savor the moments.