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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This morning, we received the best gift that our sweet baby was perfectly healthy.  For those of you who are just hearing about this ordeal, let me explain.  Here is the really, really short version:  pediatrician heard a murmur, referred to a pediatric cardiologist, cardiologist ordered an MRI because they could hear the murmur through her fontanelle, which sometimes indicates something called an AVM (basically an aneurysm)  They scheduled us yesterday for the MRI, which went well.  Watching her be sedated was the most horrible thing I have ever seen, but she dealt very well with anesthesia.  We didn't expect to hear any news for two or three days, but a friend who is a radiologist called and had the results read to him so that he could tell us quickly.  (Thank you again, Adam!!)
My heart is so full this evening.....of gratitude....of happiness that she will be healthy, live a long life, be able to carry her own babies some day.  I am grateful that she will be able to do anything and be anything she wants to be.....In the past few weeks, I have been plagued with some dark thoughts, and I am relieved that they are gone for good.  I am OVERWHELMED at the love and kindness offered to us by our amazing group of family and friends.....the support we felt was so palpable....
This whole thing is a testament to God's sovereignty, and to the fact that He wants us to come to Him in times of need....nothing has made me pray harder!!  
Yesterday, after I watched three grown adults hold my tiny girl down and smash a mask onto her face to put her to sleep, I broke down in the was the most scared and helpless I have ever felt in my entire life....Shawn and I headed to the elevator to make our way to the waiting room.  As the elevator doors opened up on the second floor, my phone was suddenly "in area" for a moment and I got some reception.  For about four straight minutes, my phone pinged out of control as all the texts from my precious friends started coming in.....I don't think for one minute that THAT was an accident.....God knew that I needed love and support at JUST that moment, and he delivered it.  It was supernatural.
Again, thank you to all of you for your texts, emails, phone calls, prayers, meals, etc.  It isn't until times like this when you REALLY realize the strength of your friendships.....
We are praising God tonight in this house....and eating some yummy Chinese food that Courtney brought over.  :)


Ali Fox Dahlberg said...

Wonderful news - and what an incredible picture! ADORABLE!