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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Because I have nothing BETTER to do with my time...

I dressed the kids all up, and took them to play "picture taking" on Friday....I am on the hunt for the ever elusive "Good-picture-of-all-three-of-my-kids" photo.  I have heard it is possible, but for now it remains un-achieved.
For some reason, the two big ones have a fascination with staring at the GROUND while I am taking their picture, rather than the lens of my camera.  The baby one makes adorable faces, but without a "clapper" standing behind me to get her attention, she only looks at me for four tenths of a second before she crawls off to put a stick or an acorn in her mouth.
This shoot was pure torture.  My right foot got eaten alive by fire ants in a field, the two big ones wouldn't cooperate, and Livi was mad that I didn't let her crawl off onto the main road.  I was SURE I didn't get one single cute picture, but what do you know?  Taking a ton of pictures pays off!  There were actually a few cute ones in the bunch....