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Sunday, June 20, 2010

New family pics....

We have to get updated pictures when we can.....we are too crazy busy to schedule a shoot with a photographer, so when I met Kelly and Ronny to do their maternity pics, I brought along my whole family and made her take our pictures.  She doesn't think she knows what she is doing, but she got some really cute ones.  That's the bonus of shooting your best friend and her don't feel bad making her take your own family pictures at the same time!
I hate feeling pressed to take family pictures....I wish I was one of those moms that spontaneously took pictures of my kids' day to day lives and ended up with a ton of cute pictures of them licking the cake bowl or doing something equally adorable around our house.  The fact is, with this many tiny kids, I often forget to take pictures of the life we're living, because I am too busy trying to live (survive) it.  I need to get better at taking more pictures of life....not just ones where my kids are wearing coordinating outfits and saying "Cheese!".  I feel the need to set up these photo ops because it is all speeding by so minute Livi was a tiny newborn and the next she was hollering "Dada!" at Shawn and waving "Hi" to all the other diners in restaurants.  Before long, she'll be the three year old, and like it was with the twins, I'll forget how she sounded as a tiny baby and how her little bald head looked from the back.  I know these pictures don't slow anything down....but I'll love to look at them Sissy spontaneously put her arm around Livi while I was photographing all three.  (You don't know how big a deal this is, but trust me: it is.)  I'll remember how Hayden kept asking if she was going to get a treat for being "good" during pictures......and how she wanted to match me so I had to take off half my bracelets and let her wear them during the shoot....(she was so can see her looking at the bracelets left on my arm!) and how baby Livi still had huge baby cheeks.....and how Cale still smiled in a way that was so genuine and unselfconscious.  (I know a day will come when he will want to look much tougher in pictures.)  I just love this phase (no matter how tiring it is) and want to do my best to document it.  (Even though writing this post makes me want to go get in bed with them and enjoy their tininess!)