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Monday, June 14, 2010

Beach weekend!

I learned a few things on this trip...
1.  "Vacation" is a term that should be loosely used when referring to a trip taken with three small children. "Field Trip" is actually a more appropriate term.
2.  Babies do not sleep well in a rented condo.
3.  My children could play on the beach for 24 straight hours if we let them.
4.  Babies like to eat sand.
5.  92 degrees feels like 145 degrees when you factor in coastal humidity.  Buckling three people into car seats in that weather makes it feel more like 160 degrees.
6.  Going to the coast is so much more fun with little kids than it was in college.  Seriously.
7.  My third child has NO FEAR of the ocean.  She crawls face first into waves and only hesitates a second when they crash into her.
8.  My first born is a daredevil as well.  Loved, LOVED jumping the waves and wanted to go out as deep as she could.  That scared her mommy.
9.  Gratefully, my second child is a little more sensible when it comes to ocean adventure.  Whew.
We only went for a short trip this time, but we LOVED it.  The McGinnis' went with us, and we so loved having them on our vacation, which is a nice sentiment to have after being with someone besides your own family for 72 hours. The babies loved our condo, loved having another three year old around, loved the beach, loved touching all the breakable souveniers in the shops, loved the all it was a fun, fun trip.  Relaxing, no.  Fun, yes!  Can't wait to take them again!!


Jessica said...

I seriously almost fell out of my chair laughing at that picture of Livi in the shopping cart! HILARIOUS!