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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Flying by the seat of my pants

I talked real big today.  Promising a trip to the swimming pool after I got home from my doctor's appointment.  (No flu, yippee!)  I came home, got three babies dressed and ready for the pool, packed a pool bag that looked like a carry on for a backpacking trip through Europe, and loaded everyone up.  As we drove into the pool parking lot, my mom makes a very astute observation.  "Are they even open?"  Me: "Of course!  Look at the kids in there!"  Um, the kids were swim team kids, and seeing as my kids can't even float, much less swim, we weren't going to blend in.  They informed us that the pool didn't open during the week until school lets out next week.  Clearly, they didn't see the size of the bag I had to pack, or the fact that we had three kids three and under with us.  We headed dejectedly to the car, and I promised to get out their slip-n-slide.  They were pacified (even though they had no idea what a slip-n-slide was)  We got home, put out the slip-n-slide, and mommy got ready to demonstrate.  Let's just say I didn't slide far.  If I had implants they might have exploded.  Luckily, my kiddos don't judge!  They were just excited to play in the water.  We sat outside for about an hour, watching the antics....they slipped, they slid, they drank out of the slip-n-slide, they had popsicles, they painted each other with popsicles....we topped off all the fun with a "bath" using the hose.  (We DID use body wash)