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Monday, June 21, 2010

Baby Livi at 11 months

Sweetest baby Livi,
You are almost eleven months old, and that BLOWS your mommy's mind.  Your tiny body has been on this earth for such a short time, but it has been long enough that we are all totally smitten by you!  You are the happiest baby alive; always smiling, dancing and doing your tricks for us.
You bounce up and down (dance) whenever we sing to you or you hear music.  When we clap for you, you clap your chubby little starfish hands right along with us and say "YEAH!!!"  You are the BEST eater:  you love your bottles (1/4 organic whole milk mixed in with formula now) and your baby food.  You will try anything, but your favorites are all the fruits.  You just started eating tiny bits of "real" food, although you would rather mommy put them in your mouth than you do it yourself.  (Even though you can do it well.)
You are such a fast crawler now, and can pull up on anything....even a flat wall!  In no time at all, I am sure you will be walking!  You have started letting go of things for a minute, testing out your weight on your chubby little legs for just a second before you crash onto your hiney.  You LOVE chasing your big brother and sister everywhere, and you are constantly following them into the playroom.  We have to check all day for "tiny things" that you could put in your mouth.  You mostly leave toys alone, but tried to eat a dried up doodle bug the other day, and got VERY angry when your Mimi took it away.  (Sorry)
You are a wonderful sleeper and love your naps!  You still take two big ones a day, and sleep ten hours at night, although you must be going through a growth spurt because you have been calling for your morning bottle earlier than normal.  Either that, or you've just found your voice and figured out you can make us run around getting things for you!  You babble ALL. THE. TIME.  You say "Uh-oh!", "Dada", "Mama", "Duh-duh" for "doggie", "Hi!" and "Yeah!"  You understand everything we say to you, and we are amazed at the little connections you are making everyday!  When we tell you "No no!" you shake your little head back and forth at us and grin like you think it's funny.
You have four tiny teeth:  two on the bottom and two on the top, although none of them have grown in all the way yet.  You are drooling all the time, and always have your fingers stuck in the back of your mouth, so I am sure there are some other teeth trying to come in back there, too.  You still have hardly any hair at all, but that is fine with your mommy because it means you are still a baby and not a big girl yet.  You look adorable in headbands, but you don't like them at all!  You pull them down around your neck all the time so whenever we get to where we are going, you look like you are wearing a bowtie!
You still look mostly like Mommy's baby pictures, but with Daddy's eyes.  We think you are the prettiest baby that ever lived, but we might be biased.  :)
We have loved every minute, every second of your little life so far and can't wait to see what lies ahead for you.....