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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I have caved.

I know, I know, I am officially the LAST person on the planet to jump on this bandwagon....but now that I'm on it, I can't stop! It all started with some hand-me-downs from some of our best friends the Maziurs, who have a little boy older than the twins....
I'll just come right out with it:  I love, love, LOVE Crocs for my kids.  (Still not for me, NEVER going to happen)  Once I got over the fact that they are ugly, I realized how practical they are with kiddos.  Step in dog poo outside?  Hose them off!  Stomp in mud puddles?  Wash the in the sink!  Pee your pants outside, soaking your shoes?  Yep, just rinse the pee off!  After realizing their perfect practicality for little ones, imagine my glee when I realized they don't have to be so ugly....(just the boy ones)  They make them in all sorts of cute styles....Hayden now has both purple AND navy blue MARY JANE styles.  They are almost attractive, which is wonderful since my kids love how easy they are to put on and insist on wearing them on outings.  I have gotten over the fact that they look like shoes that belong to someone who loves water so much they refuse to shower....but only because they are SO easy.  I just don't look at my kids feet much.  Hayden's two pairs (bought on Ebay) came with little sets of Jibbitz.  I told Cale, "Look buddy, we need to get you some Jibbitz, too!"  to which he replied, "No, Mommy....I don't need no Shibbitz." which is clearly a Yiddish word meaning "cute plastic decorations for hideous new age plastic shoes".   Okay, so maybe he feels the way I do about the shoes.....a good idea, but there's no need to go LOOKING at them.