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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Antics of baby....

Now that this little one is on the move, there's NOTHING she hasn't tried!  And I mean NOTHING.  She gets herself into all sorts of predicaments and contortions.  She's at that stage of development where she can ALMOST pull up on things, which means she often gets herself into the plank position (illustrated below) and then cries because she can't get out of said position.
She LOVES the dog water, crawling outside when no one is looking, digging all the DVD's out of the TV cabinet, and sneaking off to the playroom to find her brother and sister.  (Who scramble around picking up small objects when she crawls in...they are trained well!)  She thinks lots of other stuff is fun, too....
Chewing on sandpaper (good idea, mom), crawling all over boxes, chewing on DVDs....and those are just this morning!  She is a busy girl, and not happy to be "corralled" in the play yard like the twins were.  (They didn't know there was a world outside of the corral. :)  She went from barely crawling to getting into EVERYTHING in a matter of days!