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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Update on the Sugar Baby

So Friday started out to be a really good day.  Shawn had the day off work and we were going to run around as a family.....and everything was fun and relaxing until naptime.   I put the twins to bed for nap, and about thirty minutes later, it was time for the baby to go down.  I didn't want to wake Sis up by opening the door to the girls' room and putting Livi in the crib, so I put her in the middle of our bed, surrounded with pillows, like I have done a thousand times.  About 15 minutes later, Shawn walks in the room holding her, telling me he found her on the floor.  ON. THE. FLOOR.  I immediately panicked.  She was hysterical, and I became much for controlling yourself in order to calm your child!  She could NOT be comforted, and I was convinced she looked like something was wrong with her.....after a frantic phone call to my mom, (who rushed over with Rhonda to sit with the twins) we were on our way to the hospital.  All I could think of was that it was my fault.....she's not really crawling yet in the typical sense, and can't manage to crawl over things.....I was ignorant thinking she couldn't get over those pillows! Driving to the hospital (and cursing at everyone who dared to get in my lane) I was sick.  By the time we got there, she had taken an 8 oz. bottle, and was laughing and playing peek a boo with daddy, so I felt a little better.....we were seen immediately and they said she looked fine.  She doesn't even have a bruise on her body today, which I think is a miracle.  Our bed is HIGH, and we have hardwood could have been so much worse....I know God had his hand on her!
Today she is one hundred percent back to normal....smiling and laughing at everyone, saying "Da-da" (her first word), and signing milk.  (And then grunting when you don't get it to her fast enough)  She laughed and laughed in the baby swing tonight in the yard....and my stomach hurt a little bit thinking of what could have happened.....we are so thankful in this house tonight!


Alison said...

You must have been so scared! So glad to hear that she is fine and feeling like her usual sweet self again :-)

Jacqueline said...

1. That pic is so good. She looks like a procelain doll-BABE!

2. I would have had a minor heart attack so I don't blame you with taking her to the ER. A few weeks ago I had to put Ella in her swing for literally .2 seconds. I put her down, turned to grab a towel to wipe up some spit up and she threw herself out. She knocked her breath out and was making the saddest cry face ever...I still hurt thinking about it and I had the same tummy hurt you mentioned.

I am very glad she is ok and I definitely think that God is always watching over our little sweet babe's.

See you at the b-day party! :)