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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The tiny one is almost nine months old!

I can't even wrap my head around the fact that this baby is almost nine months old.  NINE MONTHS.  Are you kidding me?  We were in the hospital having her yesterday it feels like!
Now, she is a big time "scootcher"....she can get anywhere and everywhere so supervising her is getting to be a little more work.  She manages to get her head into the TV cabinet and then bangs her face on the DVR box every day......which is making me think I should close the doors on that thing.
This baby is so sweet, and easy!  I am sure one of you readers is probably living with sleep deprivation and that sentence makes you hate me, but it's true.  Granted, everything around here isn't always sunshine and roses by ANY means, but somehow where this baby is concerned, things are so good.  She never cries unless she's hungry.....and then you better hurry and get that bottle or she is just heartbroken.  We laugh all the time when she is hungry because she makes a sound like she is rolling her r's....we call it "crying in spanish"..... She LOVES her big brother and sister, and wants to touch whatever they are looking at.  She just started liking baby food and puffs.  She is done with breast feeding, but I think I am way more sad about that than her.  She knows "her people" now and will kick and smile for us like crazy.  She lets pretty much anyone love on her, but she has some moments where stranger anxiety is kicking in.
It's too bad I don't use the Bjorn, because this baby would probably LOVE being toted around all day.  The twins hated those baby carriers, but she LOVES being held all the time, especially by her mommy.  I would bust that thing out and give it a try, but one look at her chunky little thighs makes me double think that idea.
I can't believe she wasn't in our family last year, because it feels like she's been here all along.  I think I believe in the theory that there are little souls in the universe that are destined to be born to certain people, because sometimes I look at her and think, "I know you.  I really KNOW you...." It's like we were just waiting for her to get here, which is funny because our lives were so full of babies and love before her!
I can't wait to see what the future holds for this tiny one.....I am hoping she is always as good natured and happy as she is now!


joanna said...

What beautiful pictures!! And I do have to confess that I actually did a double take when I first read the word, "scootcher" in your post. My mind saw 'scotcher' and conclusions immediately went south. Because that word, which I am sure, in some language, somewhere out there, might be the attributing definition of one who known to consume much scotch. But now I see the error of my blog reading skills : ) And I realize that all is well and absolutely lovely with the Hater family!!